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Friday 20 July 2018
By's Rick Levine

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    Ruthless behavior is possible while the unrelenting Scorpio Moon blazes a path through other people’s feelings. It’s easy to inadvertently create pain; thankfully, self-awareness goes a long way to prevent destructive behavior. A creative spiritual connection between practical Saturn and psychic Neptune enables us to obtain tangible results from metaphysical truths. Meanwhile, a magical Venus-Mars alignment encourages us to choose love over fear.

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  • Aries
    Mar 21 - Apr 20

    Everything seems like a much bigger deal now than it actually is. You may impatiently cut off people with your words or actions while bombastic Jupiter expands your emotional intensity. It’s wise to remember that no one can predict life’s twists and turns in moments of instability, even with the best-laid plans in place. Have faith that any shift in your circumstances offers potential for substantial new growth. Pressure creates diamonds.

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  • Taurus
    Apr 21 - May 21

    The people closest to you are the easiest targets. The ones who know you best might also be the ones who trigger your emotions the fastest. Most of the time, dissatisfaction with another person is but a projection of your own inner imbalances. Depend upon your own strong foundation and genuine wholeness so you can show up in partnership with something beautiful to offer. Let go of the habit to cling too tightly to people or possessions. Cultivate an inviting place of expansive love and freedom where hearts can meet on common ground.

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  • Gemini
    May 22 - Jun 22

    Your can-do attitude is impressive, but you can only move so many mountains by yourself. You pride yourself on your knack for problem-solving and may wrestle with the notion of asking for help today. True strength lies in being vulnerable enough to let people know what’s going on in your life. There’s no reason to dodge others when you possess the courage to make your case in a powerful yet non-needy way. Happiness depends not on material things but is reflected in the quality and depth of your connections.

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  • Cancer
    Jun23 - Jul 23

    You’re in pursuit of satisfaction now, and nothing can stand in the way of your desires. Other people appear incredibly helpful at first, but they might end up placing more obstacles in your path. Thankfully, you know that all that glitters is not gold and when it’s in your best interest to cut someone loose. Ultimately, the hardest struggle is with yourself. Use discernment in your dealings as you map out the route you wish to take. Your decisions today will have far-reaching consequences down the line. Your intelligence and honesty are the keys to unlocking your creative potential.

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  • Leo
    Jul 24 - Aug 23

    You don’t have time for casual conversations today. However, if you suspect someone is taking advantage of your kindness, ask questions before lashing out. Scale back on social obligations and journey within instead of following another’s footsteps or begging for overdue respect. Reflect on all of your commitments and loyalties but don’t forget to also reevaluate what you receive in return. Love yourself the most so you never accept anything less than what you deserve from another.

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  • Virgo
    Aug 24 - Sep 23

    Communication sensitivities are at an all-time high. There’s a strong inclination toward controlling your emotions with sound logic and clear analysis, but not everyone will be on board your train of thought. Stay productive anyway. Create a structured plan for examining your own falsehoods. Acknowledge what is lost when your self-expression is scattered and emotional. Applying self-discipline and regular practice to your interpersonal skills empowers you to be an extremely effective leader. C.S. Lewis wrote, “You are never too old to set another goal or dream a new dream.”

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  • Libra
    Sep 24 - Oct 23

    Something has been lost or a wrong has been done. However, the blame game is childish and unproductive no matter how tempting it may be to justify your position. Everyone makes mistakes and yours can be rectified in an instant if you are willing to apologize now. Make amends as best you can and reach out to anyone with whom you may not feel resolution is complete. Instead of dwelling in the realm of regret, face the reality of this moment. Overcome your fears and take powerful action to make things right.

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  • Scorpio
    Oct 24 - Nov 22

    A choice must be made between two possibilities. There’s a deep pull to shake up your status quo, and a blinding opposition between your social desires and your romantic fantasies. The current alternatives represent the spiritual and the worldly, appealing equally to your emotions and intellect. Avoid impulsive actions and choose with wisdom and intuition. The good news is there might just be a way to integrate the options for a full-spectrum experience. The truth is following your heart is the only way to live without regret.

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  • Sagittarius
    Nov 23 - Dec 21

    All things change. No matter how you might wish differently, life cannot remain static. Your heightened awareness of oneness comes with the renewed realization that not everyone cultivates their soul growth in the same way. Rather than persuading people to jump on your bandwagon of big ideas, kindly release them to their own journeys. The more you transform your inner world, the more your external world shifts, including friends and family. Forgive, let go, and be free.

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  • Capricorn
    Dec 22 - Jan 20

    New connections have you brimming with excitement about future ventures, but there’s little direction to any of it. Ideas are plentiful, but establishing a focused goal seems unlikely now. Be enthusiastic but reserved in your response so you don’t overcommit to something that may never bear fruit. Restlessness can be beneficial if it prompts you to blaze a new trail, but there are too many unknown variables today. Write down all your flashes of insight and let them marinate for a while before choosing your course of action. Do not confuse the voice of ego with that of intuition.

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  • Aquarius
    Jan 21 - Feb 19

    Sentiments abound when it comes to your professional world. You stand on the shoulders of giants and benefit from the work that was done before you. Challenges arise when you become too attached to needing something to look a certain way due to history. Consider if you are more focused on an egoic individual desire over the greater good of a group. Questioning the status quo is healthy when you are born with a rebellious spirit. Updating traditions with a more modern spin is what you do best.

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  • Pisces
    Feb 20 - Mar 20

    Visions that feel good in your head may be unstable in reality. Ask for more clarity about what you actually want while your higher mind is in touch with the ethers. It can’t hurt to withdraw and take inventory of your accomplishments and your failures today, instead of floating off to the next cloud. Consolidate your lofty ideals and ground your erratic energy by connecting with your friends and loved ones. Recharge your emotional batteries so you can operate with integrity on the earth plane.

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