Corrie killer Hillman makes top soap moment

Corrie killer Richard Hillman’s canal death plunge has been voted the top soap moment of all time.

It beat EastEnder’s Who Shot Phil Mitchell? Storyline and Brookside’s body under the patio in the poll of 17,000 viewers.

Evil Tricky Dicky’s reign of terror came to an end when he kidnapped wife Gail, kids David and Sarah and baby Bethany and drove their car into Weatherfield canal.

The family all survived – while Hillman ended up in a watery grave.

EastEnders got seven out of the top 10 places in the poll for What’s On TV magazine.

Little Mo’s fightback against wifebeater husband Trevor, whacking him over the head with an iron, came second in the survey.

Third was the shock moment when Zoe Slater discovered that Kat was not her sister but her mother.

Other Albert Square storylines to make the top 10 included the deaths of Jamie and Tiffany, Dot’s mercy killing of Ethel, Grant uncovering his wife’s affair with brother Phil in ‘Sharongate’, and Steve Owen killing his ex Saskia with an ashtray.

Only one other Coronation Street moment is included in the top 10 – love rat Peter Barlow bigamously marrying barmaid Shelley.

And Brookside comes in at number nine with Mandy Jordache and daughter Beth burying evil Trevor under the patio.

Emmerdale makes its first entry on the list at number 12, with the moment Kim Tate came back from the dead to give husband Frank a fatal heart attack.

Top 20 soap moments:

1 Richard takes Gail on murderous mystery tour (Coronation Street, 2003)

2 Little Mo fights back (EastEnders, 2001)

3 Kat reveals: “I am your mother!” (EastEnders, 2001)

4 Jamie dies on Christmas Day (EastEnders, 2002)

5 Tiffany killed under wheels of Frank’s car (EastEnders, 1998)

6 Sharongate (EastEnders, 1994)

7 Dot’s mercy killing of Ethel (EastEnders, 2000)

8 Steve kills Saskia (EastEnders, 1999)

9 The body under the patio (Brookside, 1993)

10 Peter bigamously marries Shelley (Coronation Street, 2003)

11 Who shot Phil? (EastEnders, 2001)

12 Kim lets Frank die (Emmerdale, 1997)

13 Plane crash over the village (Emmerdale, 1993)

14 Emily marries Butch on his deathbed (Emmerdale, 2000)

15 Carol discovers daughter Bianca has slept with fiance Dan (EastEnders, 1999)

16 Alma dies from cancer (Coronation Street, 2001)

17 Kevin’s wife Alison kills herself under wheels of lorry (Coronation Street, 2000)

18 Bullied schoolboy Anthony murders Imelda (Brookside, 2001)

19 Beth and Margaret kiss (Brookside, 1994)

20 Justice for Deirdre campaign to free her from jail (Coronation Street, 1998)

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