Things you only know if you find it impossible to dress for the weather

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Autumn is a picturesque season, with the changing leaves and Instagrammable pumpkins. But it’s also a sartorial nightmare.

This is the time of year when you have absolutely zero idea what’s appropriate to wear for the weather. You can’t work out if it’s hot, cold, rainy, windy – meaning choosing something out of your closet is a minefield.

If you also find dressing a total headache in autumn, you might relate to some of these things…

It takes double the amount of time to get ready…

Even if it usually takes you next to no time at all to get ready before leaving the house, unpredictable weather means you have to schedule extra time for going through your closet in a panic.

…and you’re still going to be late

Inevitably, you won’t actually leave enough time and will probably be late to whatever you’re doing.


It doesn’t matter how casual the event is, you’re still going to agonise over what to wear

Normally, you’d reserve this kind of mental exertion for formal events – but for some reason, you’re stressing out just as much about a simple walk in the park.

The panic means you end up making some strange decisions

Sometimes, you decide the best bet is to cover all bases – wear shorts on the bottom, and a thick jumper on top. Unfortunately, that’s never really the way to go, as you get chilly legs and start overheating underneath the heavy knitwear – plus it looks a bit strange, too.

It’s also sparked some weird purchases

It’s always this time of year – that strange in-between weather you just can’t judge – when you decide you absolutely must buy a new duster. You think a light, floor-length jacket will be perfect – except every year, without fail, you never actually wear it.

You can’t trust the weather forecast (as much as you want to)

It’s hard not to put all your faith in your weather app, but let’s face it: it’s fallible. You might plan your life and fashion choices around the weather predictions, but this doesn’t always work out – you’ve definitely been out and about in a summery dress and light jacket, only to be freezing cold and rained on, and the opposite has also happened.


It might make more sense to just look out the window and judge the weather before leaving, but for some reason, you’re far more likely to base your decisions on what your phone is telling you.

You have to make your peace with almost always getting it wrong

It’s impossible to successfully judge this weather – it changes so quickly, can look bright when it’s deceptively cold, and is a nightmare to dress for. At some point during the year, you have to come to terms with the fact whatever you wear will probably be slightly wrong, but that’s OK.

You’re definitely not alone in this

Whenever you’re out and about, it becomes clear no one really has any idea how to dress for this weather. Someone will be wearing a T-shirt next to someone else in a puffer jacket and hat – both looking slightly uncomfortable with their choices. That, at least, is a small comfort whenever you inevitably leave the house having misjudged the weather.


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