Model Andrew Cooper shares his easy grooming tips for men

Model Andrew Cooper Shares His Easy Grooming Tips For Men
Andrew Cooper
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By Prudence Wade, PA

After spending hours in the beauty chair getting primped and preened, male model Andrew Cooper has picked up a thing or two about grooming.

This wasn’t necessarily by choice. “A normal day on set starts with sitting in a chair and having my face and hair done,” he explains. “When I was 18, I paid little to no attention to this, but as the years have passed and through talking to the amazing hair stylists and make-up artists I’ve worked with, I began to realise just how important it is to take care of myself.”

Working in modelling – an industry “largely based on appearance” – Cooper admits it’s “hard not to pay attention to grooming”. However, the more he learned about beauty, the more into it he became. Today, he “100%” sees it as self-care, and is co-founder of skincare brand The Fellowship (


“As time goes by, I’ve realised youthful skin isn’t forever, and it’s important to take the steps to keep it looking its best,” he explains, also advocating for a good diet to help protect your skin.

However, not everyone’s quite as clued up as Cooper, and he recognises many men in particular feel that beauty isn’t for them – or frankly, don’t know where to begin.

If you’re a newbie to grooming – or want to make sure you’re on the right track – these are Cooper’s top five tips to keep in mind…

1. Always cleanse


Cooper starts his day with a cold shower, and has a warm one before bed. “For me, it’s imperative to end my day clean and fresh,” he explains. “Whilst cleaning and hydrating your skin is important for aesthetic purposes, there’s also something incredibly calming and powerful about how it makes you feel, and [prepares you] to have a great night’s sleep.”

Using a good cleanser – particularly at night – will help wash off any oil, pollution or sweat that may have accumulated during the day.

2. Focus on hydration


“There are two key times you should hydrate your skin and body: each morning when you get up, and right before bed,” advises Cooper. “A large glass of water partnered with face and body moisturiser should do the trick to keep you feeling smooth and energised.

“When I’m feeling particularly dehydrated – after a long flight, for example – I use double the amount of moisturiser I usually would. I also find using a face oil in the evening really helps to keep my skin nourished.”

3. Get a trim


For Cooper, boosting confidence is key. He says: “I’m a firm believer that a good haircut goes a long way.

“Also, keeping my facial hair trimmed and looking sharp automatically makes me feel more confident and ready for any situations life can throw at you.”

4. Sunscreen


“I love the sun and try to spend as much time as possible outside but it’s imperative to ensure you’re protected,” he says. “Using a good SPF is crucial to help limit sun damage and prevent premature ageing. I personally like to add it to my moisturiser as and when it’s needed throughout the day.”

5. Keep to a routine

If you want to see results, Cooper argues in favour of consistency. He says: “However simple or complex you make your grooming routine, the key is to make sure you stick to it – especially if you are using new products.”

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