6 things you know if you really, really miss hugging people

6 Things You Know If You Really, Really Miss Hugging People
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By Sam Wylie-Harris, PA

You don’t need to be a body language expert to know that hugging is a natural instinct – and very, very comforting. Whether it’s a big bear hug, a gentle squeezing of the shoulders or rapturous embrace, it’s something we’re accustomed to taking for granted. Well, we were until Covid-19.

Thanks to social distancing, many of those hugs have had to be put on hold, and the lack of physical comfort can be hard on the mind, body and soul.

While restrictions are set to be reducing soon, hugs are still some way off, and there are a few things you’ll understand if you’re yearning to reach out…

1. You miss being enveloped in someone’s scent


People have signature scents – and often you associate their perfume with feelings of happiness and safety. Whether it’s a simple fragrance or exotic essence that gently wafts towards you, it’s often part of a loved one’s aura – a dress code you recognise with your eyes closed. It precedes the hug. Is it any wonder we’ve started spritzing more to trigger those happy memories?


2. Elbow nudges, waves and weird air hugs just don’t cut it


Being a touchy-feely person means you’re used to much more than a silly movement of the elbow when you greet a mate in the street, or anyone outside of your household. And saying goodbye without a hug just feels rude.

3. Hugging scenes in movies and TV shows make you weepy


If you can’t wrap your arms around someone else, you may as well curl up and watch the cutest hugs on film – even if they do turn you into a blubbering mess. From Lilo and Stitch, to Edward and Bella (yep, even cuddling up to a vampire gets you) – and it doesn’t matter how many times you’ve seen Thelma & Louise – you feel like you’re right there and can’t help feeling emotionally overwhelmed.

4. You’re obsessed with trinkets and decos that feature hugging

Even though you grew out of cuddly toys a long time ago, you’ve decided it’s OK to make some space for statues of animals hugging. You seem to have accumulated a huge amount of adorably hugging salt and pepper shakers…

5. You’ve styled up your space with a hug chair


Is it any wonder hug chairs are trending big time? You’ve done the maths, pondered over plush velvet or teddy fleece and as it looks like we’re in this (two metres apart) for the long-haul, you may as well sit in snuggly style.

Its generous, deep seat surrounds you, the padded back and strong arms support and cushion you… you’re as snug as a bug. In fact, your affection for your new cuddle chair is so strong, you decide you might not need a hug at the end of the day, after all.


6. Your cat/dog/rabbit/tortoise is growing tired of your cuddles

Yep, your cat has started darting round the corner when they see you coming, fearful of being squished in your arms again. You feel thoroughly rejected. And it’s not really the same anyway – you really want to be hugged back.

7. When people message *hugs* you want to throw your phone at the wall

It’s just not the same – you need real human contact dammit!

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