Medics to hear motions on six-hour trolley cap and review of ex-CEO's €10m pension

James Reilly

The Minister for Health's proposal to provide free GP care for children under six will dominate the annual conference of the IMO in Kildare this weekend.

Doctors will have to sign up to a new contract as part of the plan.

The Irish Medical Organisation is also proposing to hold a ballot of doctors on whether they wish to investigate the €10m pensions packet of its former CEO George McNeice.

Among the other motions to be discussed at the IMO Conference this morning are the lack of facilities for mental health patients; uncertainty over the future of the National Children’s Hospital and calls for a ban on the sponsorship of sporting events by drinks companies.

Doctors will also call for a six-hour limit to be put on trolley stays in overcrowded emergency departments.

This evening, the attention will turn to a motion calling for a ballot on a retrospective review of how the organisation was run in the past.

The focus will be on the pensions package of former chief executive George McNeice, who is set to receive €200,000 every year from 2016 until 2021, and €250,000 every year between 2021 and 2032.

A number of IMO members want to see a retrospective review conducted externally, by people with no ties to the IMO.

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