Things you only know if you secretly quite enjoy lockdown life

Things You Only Know If You Secretly Quite Enjoy Lockdown Life
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By Katie Wright, PA Fashion and Beauty Editor

There are, of course, many, many downsides to pandemic restrictions, but arguably, there are certain benefits to slowing down and spending more time at home (even though it has been forced on us).

Looking on the bright side, these are some of the things you might understand if you actually quite enjoy life being pared back…

It’s a great excuse to not go out


If you’re the kind of homebody who hates having social plans every night of the week, and who prefers to be home by 9pm even when you do go out, lockdown gives you carte blanche to clear your diary.

Sadly, it doesn’t give you a reason to avoid socialising on Zoom, so you’ll have to get creative with your excuses on that front…


You prefer working from home


Yes, you miss your work pals sometimes, but if you can do it, what’s not to love about working from home?! There’s no commuting, you can stay in your PJs all day, you’ve got easy access to the fridge and no boss breathing down your neck. It’s bliss.

You get more time with loved ones


While it’s harder to see friends and family who live farther away during lockdown, if you’re in a household of more than one, you get more quality time with those you live with.

Whether it’s your partner, kids or housemates, it’s nice not to have that ‘ships in the night’ feeling, which can so often be the result of hectic schedules.

You enjoy the slower pace of life


Similarly, being forced to stop rushing around makes you realise how stressed you were before lockdown. Now, you don’t get to Sunday night and feel like you need another two days to recover from the jam-packed weekend that’s just gone.

There’s slightly more time for relaxing activities


With all those empty evenings and weekends you can, for once, actually indulge in the kind of fun, relaxing pastimes you never normally get around to.


Whether it’s curling up on the sofa to watch your favourite movie, getting creative in the kitchen with new recipes, doing some pampering with a DIY mani-pedi, or tinkering with your toys in the garage, you can while away the hours guilt-free.

You love saving money


With so few reasons to leave the house, it’s never been easier to save money (if you’re fortunate enough to have a job that isn’t in flux because of Covid). You can’t go out for dinner, or to the pub, and you certainly don’t need any new going-out clothes.

It’s made you appreciate your local area more


Previously, you would never have wandered aimlessly around your neighbourhood, but daily walks have made you take notice of, and appreciate what’s around you more than ever before.

Obviously, you wouldn’t want lockdown to last forever, but on crisp autumn afternoons when you’re strolling through the park and admiring the beautiful foliage, you remember to count your blessings. Months from now, when you’re back to the hustle and bustle of a restriction-free life, you’ll look back on these days with a certain amount of fondness.

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