In praise of ‘wasting’ the extra hour as clocks go back

In Praise Of ‘Wasting’ The Extra Hour As Clocks Go Back
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By Ella Walker, PA

Time was, the clocks would go back and it meant a miraculous extra hour of drinking, dancing, and hugging your mates. It was a gift, a golden 60 minutes. But oh no, not this year.Between pub and restaurant curfews, Covid club closures and a near total ban on hugging due to social distancing, you could be forgiven for not even noticing that British Summer Time ends at 2am on October 25. And this year, that’s just fine with us.

Here’s why it’s totally ok to ignore any ideas that involve ‘making the most of that extra hour,’ or ‘doing something productive’ with it. Nope, not this year. Wake up on October 25 and remember that…


We deserve an extra hour in bed. In fact, after the year we’ve had, an entire week in bed seems fully justified. Sure, a week on a tropical beach would be preferable, but we’ll take even the most miniscule silver lining at the moment.

Autumn is a time for cosying up, and since summer time is officially over (bye, vitamin D), it makes sense to start as we mean to go on: taking it easy while wrapped in duvets, drunk on tea and supported by the fluffiest of pets.


Doing nothing for an hour can actually be good for you. Rather than rushing round the house correcting clocks, take this opportunity to just do nothing. Stare out the window if you must, but just like a bout of meditation, giving your brain a break from people, technology and responsibility for even the briefest of moments, can be hugely beneficial for your wellbeing, stress levels and creative thinking.


It’s basically the world telling you to scroll mindlessly on your phone and not feel bad about it. This hour is extra added time (fair enough, it was taken from you back in March), but you didn’t ask for it, meaning you’re under no obligation to use it wisely.


There will be absolutely no FOMO. Because no one was out last night. No one stayed up until 2am chatting to their friends, waiting for the clock to turn back time. And no one has brunch plans to get up for, or elaborate day trips to enact. Nothing is happening, and there is a certain amount of contentedness to be found in that. Take this as recharge time you’re owed.

There should already be more time allocated to watching rubbish telly in the morning. As a kid, weekend mornings were all about watching telly for as many hours as possible before your parents clocked it and decided you needed to go outside and quit lazing about. But you’re in charge now. Laze. Watch all the telly. Enjoy it.

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