Varadkar defends Fine Gael corporate fundraiser

Transport Minister has today Leo Varadkar defended a Fine Gael corporate fundraiser, saying that the law on political donations has not been changed yet.

Minister Varadkar is the guest speaker at a lunch where business people are invited to pay €850 for a table to dine with some Cabinet Ministers.

Last month, Taoiseach Enda Kenny told his party ard fheis that new laws on political funding will ban donations of more than €200, unless they follow strict guidelines.

Minister Varadkar said that that law has not yet been introduced and so there is nothing wrong with the lunch.

"I'm the guest speaker at the event and I'm not organising it or benefiting from it," he said.

"But the law hasn't changed yet - until the law changes, this is the law under which fundraising operates".

"I certainly have no objection to allowing people to support a party that they want to support, so long as they do it within the law."

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