Latest: Man shot dead in Ballymun was not known to Gardaí

Update 1.14pm: The man shot dead in Ballymun yesterday has been named locally as 30-year-old Clinton Shannon.

It is reported that he was a company director of a locksmith firm and was not involved in any criminal activity.

Mr Shannon from Swords, North Dublin, was shot as he sat in a car outside a house on Balbutcher Drive.

It has been reported that he is not known to gardaí and had a clean record.

A source said: "He may have been a friend of Derek Devoy and this might be why he was in the area."


Update 11.18am: The mother of six killed in yesterday's shooting in Ballymun has been named locally as 48-year-old Antoinette Corbally.

Also, the target of the shooting in Balbutcher Drive had been warned by Gardaí that there was a threat to his life.

Two people were killed in the shooting in Ballymun yesterday afternoon, but it is understood the intended target escaped uninjured.

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This incident happened in broad daylight around 4pm yesterday with a number of children in the house.

This morning the scene is sealed off and gardaí have been searching the gardens of neighbours for evidence.

Earlier: A major manhunt is underway in Dublin, as Gardaí try to track down those responsible for yesterday's fatal shooting in Ballymun.

There has been widespread condemnation of the murders in which a mother of six, in her forties, and a man in his thirties were gunned down on Balbutcher Drive.

A post mortem is due to be carried out on the bodies of the two victims later.

Two other people have been receiving treatment for non-life-threatening injuries and a child also received minor injuries.

A firearm has been retrieved and Gardaí are trying to track the movements of two cars they believe were used in the attack - a silver Opel Safira with an 08 Laois registration, and a Volkswagen Golf GTI with an 06 Louth registration.

The shooting is not thought to be related to the Kinahan-Hutch feud but is instead linked to an unpaid drug debt of €30,000 which has caused a dispute between associates of Mickey Devoy and a south inner city gang.

Mickey had approximately 70 convictions before he was shot dead in 2014. He was also the main suspect of a 2005 murder.

His mother Anne ‘Nancy’ Devoy appealed to her son’s murderers at the time, saying she was not angry at them but “hurt” and how they had got the wrong man.

“I know who killed my son. They shot the wrong man. I’m not angry, I’m just hurt.

“I have nothing against the men that done this whatsoever.

“Just please say you are sorry, that they have done the wrong chap,” she said at the time.

Last night, Chief Superintendent Lorraine Wheatley appealed for anyone with information come forward.

She said: "We're particularly interested in anybody that may have been in Balbutcher Drive around four o'clock or even during the course of the day.

"We're also appealing to people who may have dashcams, people who may be delivery drivers, taxi drivers, and that footage may be of some use."

TDs roundly condemned the incident.

Justice Minister Charlie Flanagan said the murders were outrageous.

"These ruthless people have no regard for human life and this will not be tolerated," he said.

"The gardaí continue to confront this threat daily and are determined to see those involved brought to justice.

"This callous, cold-blooded violence has no place in our communities - the Government and gardaí stand with the people of Ballymun against such despicable acts."

Mr Flanagan vowed to maintain high-visibility policing to combat gun attacks, including extensive armed checkpoints across Dublin.

Roisin Shortall, local Social Democrat TD, said there had been recent tensions in the area and that the community feared an escalation of violence.

"The horrific incident is a chilling reminder of the extent of gangland crime on Dublin's streets, much of it drug-fuelled," she said.

"The incident should act as a wake-up call to the Government that gangland crime in Dublin remains prevalent and wreaks havoc across the city and in many local communities.

"It is crucial to invest in adequate policing and it is also crucial to invest in and to sustain investment in building safe and strong communities across the city."

Sinn Féin Councillor Noeleen Reilly, who lives in nearby Poppintree, said she could hardly believe what was unfolding.

She said: "I suppose there is shock and concern, it is absolutely devastating that this has happened in our community and two lives have been lost.

"Obviously my thoughts go to the families of the victims, it's just awful news that something like this could happen in broad daylight, but there has certainly been a sense over recent months that things have been escalating."

She went on to say that the shooting has created a sense of fear in the community.

She said: "I have been told countless times by parents that they won't let their children out to play anymore for fear of something happening.

"Personally I feel that the Government has its head in the clouds in relation to gangland crime within Dublin. We have consistently asked them for additional Garda resources but those requests seem to have fallen on deaf ears.

"Never had we less Gardaí in Ballymun and many residents feel that the area is just not being policed. Resources only seem to come when things have escalated to a point of no return.

"It is time for the Minister for Justice to meet with community leaders to address this situation and ensure things don't get any worse."

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