Cliffs of Moher voted Ireland's top heritage site

The Cliffs of Moher have been selected as our top choice when showing overseas visitors heritage sites here in Ireland.

According to the fifth National Heritage survey, 33% of people said they would take tourists to see the world famous cliffs in County Clare.

Newgrange in County Meath was voted our favourite heritage site for the fifth consecutive year while the Giant’s Causeway was awarded the top place to take a date.

While the Cliffs of Moher emerged as highly popular with respondents, 79% admitted it is the heritage site they fear most.

33% of those surveyed visit heritage sites three to four times annually, 24% visit between five and nine times a year, and 22% visit more than ten times a year, a 5% increase from the 2013 National Heritage Survey.

Almost all of those surveyed, 99%, rate Ireland’s heritage as very important to the tourism industry, and 46% believe there should be stricter laws governing the protection of heritage sites.

Up to 98% think the Government needs to continue to provide tax incentives to heritage property owners regarding the maintenance and upkeep of their heritage property.

David Lane, managing director of Ecclesiastical Ireland said: "The findings of the fifth annual heritage survey are incredibly telling. It’s fantastic to see the increase in visitation to heritage sites and how highly important these are regarded by Irish people.

"It’s great that the nation are continuing to take enormous pride in our heritage sites and landmarks and enjoying showing these off to overseas visitors. Our heritage sites are vital to the tourism industry in Ireland but also in defining where we have come from and the rich legacy we hold in Ireland.

"The research highlights the need for heritage property owners to continue to protect the sites to ensure these remain prominent in the lives of Irish people."

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