Charity calls for rethink on Children's Hospital location

Children's charity Jack and Jill is calling on the Government to reconsider St James' Hospital in Dublin city centre as the location for the new National Children's Hospital.

The call comes as a project brief for the site at St James' was approved earlier this week.

Jack and Jill founder Jonathan Irwin argues that Connolly Hospital Blanchardstown would be a better location, as it is situated near the M50, making it more accessible to families based outside of Dublin.

St James's Hospital in Dublin city centre has been chosen, and a project brief was approved earlier this week.

Among the key points in favour of St James's Hospital is public transport, as the Luas runs through the grounds.

But Mr Irwin says 92% of sick children arrive at hospital by car.

"There's many, many people who live in the country who have a horror of trying to find their way around Dublin," he said.

"And James' just happens to be in an area which is hard to find. The very best one is in Blachardsorwn where James Connolly Hospital is at the moment.

"There's unlimited space there, it's on the M50, there's room to build a children's hospital, and you then have a campus on the edge of Dublin."

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