Forbes reimagined male billionaires as women and it's all a bit strange

Forbes reimagined their list of billionaires as women and the results are quite strange.

They reportedly thought up the Equal Pay Billionaires project in an attempt to be progressive and draw attention to the fact that women (white women in the US) are making 80 cents for every dollar earned by men.

They illustrated how far these famous billionaires would fall in the list if they were women.

For example, if Mark Zuckerberg was a woman, she would have earned 21% less and would be number 11 on the list instead of number 5.

However, aren't women already aware of how far down they rank on list? Don't women already know how many droves of men they have to scroll through to reach a woman on the list?

Looks like someone thought women needed to be reminded.

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By Claire Anderson

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