406 days ago

    Iran 'begins nuclear shutdown'

    Iran has started to shut down its most sensitive nuclear work as part of a landmark deal struck with world powers, state media said today.

    450 days ago

    UN inspectors to visit Iran nuclear plant

    Inspectors from the UN nuclear agency have arrived in Tehran to visit a nuclear facility that has long been off-limits to outside experts, an Iranian news agency has said.

    483 days ago

    Iran anti-American protest 'biggest in years'

    Thousands of Iranian protesters packed the streets outside the former US Embassy in Tehran in the biggest anti-American rally in years.

    513 days ago

    Iran's top leader supports Rouhani

    Iran’s top leader has said that some aspects of Hassan Rouhani’s trip to New York last month were “not appropriate,” but reiterated his crucial support for the president’s policy of outreach to the West.

    516 days ago

    Israeli PM dubs Iran leader 'wolf in sheep's clothing'

    Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu has played the spoiler to Iran’s attempts to ease relations with the West, calling the Iranian leader “a wolf in sheep’s clothing” and declaring that Israel will do whatever it takes to prevent Tehran from developing nuclear weapons, even if it has to stand alone.

    521 days ago

    US and Iranian Presidents converse for the first time in over 30 years

    President Barack Obama and Iranian President Hassan Rouhani spoke by telephone today, the first conversation between American and Iranian presidents in more than 30 years.

    524 days ago

    Obama and Iran leader 'will not meet at UN'

    President Barack Obama and Iranian President Hasan Rouhani will not meet while both leaders are at the United Nations, US officials say.

    594 days ago

    UN divided on Iran sanctions breach

    The United Nations Security Council has refused to back a report by a panel of experts which unanimously concluded that Iran broke UN sanctions when it launched ballistic missiles a year ago.

    715 days ago

    Iran destroyer launched, claims TV report

    Iranian state TV is reporting that the country has launched its domestically-built destroyer in the Caspian Sea.

    746 days ago

    UN officials leave Iran without nuclear agreement

    Senior officials of the UN atomic agency have left Iran without a hoped-for deal that would have led to the resumption of a probe into allegations that Tehran worked secretly on nuclear arms.

    753 days ago

    Iran rejects nuclear talks bid

    Iran’s supreme leader has strongly rejected proposals for direct talks with United States on its nuclear programme and other issues.

    753 days ago

    Iran airs 'captured drone' footage

    Iran’s state TV has broadcast footage allegedly extracted from a CIA drone captured in 2011.

    763 days ago

    Iran 'launches monkey into space'

    Iran has claimed it sent a monkey into space in what it described as another step toward the goal of manned space flight.

    808 days ago

    UN hails Iran nuclear talks

    A senior UN official said his team made headway during talks in Tehran meant to restart an investigation into suspicions that the country may have secretly worked on a nuclear arms programme.

    811 days ago

    HSBC agrees $1.9bn payout in laundering case

    HSBC said today that it has agreed to pay US authorities a record 1.9bn (€1.47bn) settlement over accusations that it allowed rogue states and drug cartels to launder billions of pounds through its US arm.

    812 days ago

    Liverpool sponsor to pay extra $327m in fines

    Scandal-hit Standard Chartered will pay a further $327m (€252.9m) to settle allegations that it breached sanctions with Iran.

    816 days ago

    At least six killed in Iran earthquake

    An earthquake in Iran has killed at least six people near the border with Afghanistan, state TV said today.

    818 days ago

    Iran 'captures US drone'

    Iran's Revolutionary Guard has captured a US drone after it entered Iranian airspace over the Persian Gulf, state TV reported today.

    835 days ago

    Seven dead in Iraq bomb blast

    Seven people, including three Iranian pilgrims, were killed when an explosives-laden car detonated north of Baghdad.

    836 days ago

    Iran set to double production of higher-enriched uranium

    Iran is poised to double output of higher-enriched uranium that can be turned easily into the core of a nuclear warhead, the UN nuclear agency says.

    862 days ago

    White House open to talks with Iran

    The White House said it is prepared to talk one-on-one with Iran to find a diplomatic settlement to the impasse over Tehran’s reported pursuit of nuclear weapons, but there is no agreement now to meet.

    868 days ago

    EU agrees new sanctions against Iran

    The EU has imposed a new range of sanctions on Iran intended to hit the country’s treasury and increase pressure on its Islamic regime over its nuclear programme.

    887 days ago

    Iran President wants 'new world order'

    Iran's president says a new world order needs to emerge, away from American "bullying" and domination.

    912 days ago

    Iran agrees technology deal with North Korea

    Iran and North Korea have signed a scientific and technological co-operation agreement.

    923 days ago

    Iran unveils upgraded ballistic missile

    Iran has unveiled an upgraded version of a short-range surface-to-surface ballistic missile just weeks after it was test-fired, the country's state media reported.

    948 days ago

    Iran 'will continue nuclear talks'

    Iran is willing to continue talks with world powers over its nuclear programme until they reach a conclusion, a senior Iranian official said today in a report by the semi-official ISNA news agency.

    968 days ago

    Iran makes Strait of Hormuz threat

    Iran has threatened to block the strategic Strait of Hormuz if its interests are seriously threatened, a senior Iranian military commander has said.

    972 days ago

    Iran claims long-range missile test

    Iran’s powerful Revolutionary Guards test-fired several ballistic missiles today, including a long-range variety capable of hitting US bases in the region as well as Israel, Iranian media reported.

    974 days ago

    Iran 'to confront' EU oil sanctions

    The governor of Iran’s central bank has said his country will not remain “passive” before a new EU embargo on the country’s oil sector, adding that Tehran has enough hard currency reserves to meet its import needs.

    993 days ago

    Iran 'begins designing nuclear submarine'

    Iran has begun to design its first nuclear submarine, a semi-official news agency in the country has reported.

    997 days ago

    China wants 'flexibility' from Iran on nuclear issue

    China has urged Iran to take "a flexible and pragmatic approach" in international talks over its nuclear ambitions.

    1002 days ago

    Sanctions will only fuel hatred, Iran leader warns

    Iran's Supreme Leader has said sanctions from Western powers will not stop his country's progress, but will only deepen hatred of the West in the hearts of the Iranian people.

    1009 days ago

    Iran to build 'at least two' new nuclear plants

    Iran is planning to build at least two new nuclear power plants next to an existing facility that became operational with Russia’s help last year, the country’s nuclear chief has said.

    1013 days ago

    Iran offered deal on nuclear plans

    Diplomats from six world powers offered Iran new proposals today to ease international concerns about its nuclear programme, but appeared to reject Tehran’s appeals to ease economic sanctions.

    1018 days ago

    UN nuclear chief to visit Iran

    The UN nuclear agency chief will fly to Tehran over the weekend to sign a deal meant to allow his organisation to resume probing Iran’s disputed nuclear programme.

    1031 days ago

    Iran election sees Ahmadinejad rivals gain seats

    Final results for many constituencies in Iran's parliamentary runoff elections show conservative rivals of president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad winning a solid majority of seats and cementing their hold on the legislature.

    1052 days ago

    Countries meet Iran diplomats to discuss nuclear programme

    Representatives from six world powers are meeting counterparts from Iran in Istanbul, Turkey, today.

    1057 days ago

    Second US aircraft carrier deployed to gulf

    The US navy has deployed a second aircraft carrier to the Persian Gulf amid rising tensions with Iran over its nuclear programme.

    1057 days ago

    Iran hints at nuclear compromise

    Iran’s nuclear chief has hinted at a compromise offer from Tehran ahead of negotiations with world powers this week over the country’s controversial atomic programme.

    1059 days ago

    Iran 'able to build nuclear weapon, but will not'

    A prominent Iranian lawmaker has said Iran has the knowledge and scientific capability to produce nuclear weapons but will never do so.

    1083 days ago

    Ahmadinejad facing parliament accusations

    Iran's parliament began questioning President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad today over a long list of accusations, including mismanaging the nation's economy and challenging the country's supreme leader.

    1089 days ago

    Iran leader welcomes Obama remarks

    Iran's top leader has welcomed comments by President Barack Obama advocating diplomacy and not war as a solution to Tehran's nuclear ambitions, a rare positive signal in long-standing hostile exchanges between Tehran and Washington.

    1091 days ago

    Diplomacy can stop Iran, says Obama

    President Barack Obama declared today that diplomacy can still resolve the crisis over Iran’s possible pursuit of nuclear weapons, and he accused his Republican critics of “beating the drums of war”.

    1091 days ago

    UN agrees nuclear talks with Iran

    The European Union said today that world powers have agreed to a new round of talks with Iran over its nuclear programme, as Tehran gave permission for inspectors to visit a site suspected of secret atomic work.

    1091 days ago

    Iran to allow UN inspectors to visit plant

    Iran has said it will allow UN inspectors access to a secret military complex where the UN nuclear agency suspects atomic work has been carried out.

    1095 days ago

    Iran's supreme leader calls for high election turnout

    Iran's supreme leader has urged Iranians to vote in large numbers as the country holds parliamentary elections today, saying a high turnout would send a strong message to the enemies of the nation.

    1110 days ago

    Iranian suspects plotted against Israeli diplomats, say police

    The Iranians arrested after accidentally setting off explosives at their rented home in Bangkok were plotting to attack Israeli diplomats, Thailand's police chief said.

    1111 days ago

    Iran steps up nuclear operations

    Iran has begun loading domestically made nuclear fuel rods into its research reactor in a defiant response to toughening Western sanctions over its controversial nuclear programme.

    1125 days ago

    Experts 'did not see Iran nuclear sites'

    United Nations inspectors did not visit any of Iran’s nuclear sites, reports say. Instead they concentrated on talks with officials.

    1126 days ago

    US senators propose new penalties to target Iran

    Two top US senators have offered a bill to impose sweeping new penalties on Iran and thwart its alleged nuclear ambitions.

    1129 days ago

    Gulf ministers discuss Iran threats

    Foreign ministers of six Gulf countries, including Saudi Arabia, are meeting in Istanbul today to explore new ways of co-operation with Turkey amid Iranian threats to immediately halt oil exports to Europe.

    1130 days ago

    Israeli Minister urges tougher sanctions against Iran

    Israeli Defence Minister Ehud Barak has said the world must quickly stop Iran from reaching the point where even a “surgical” military strike could not block it from obtaining nuclear weapons.

    1131 days ago

    Iran ready to talk: Ahmadinejad

    Iran is ready to revive talks with the world powers, President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has said, as Tehran faces tougher sanctions over its controversial nuclear programme.

    1132 days ago

    Iran interest rates raised to 21%

    Iranian president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has finally agreed to increase interest rates to 21%, reversing his opposition to the move economists said was crucial to supporting the Iranian currency.

    1133 days ago

    Iran oil embargo 'will be ineffective': Tehran

    Tehran’s intelligence chief has shrugged off a new EU ban on the purchase of Iranian oil, insisting that the world economy is so diversifed that sanctions will be ineffective.

    1134 days ago

    Iran and EU face off over sanctions

    The nuclear stakes over Iran were raised today when the EU banned buying the country’s oil and it retaliated by repeating a threat to close the Strait of Hormuz, a route for a fifth of the world’s crude.

    1135 days ago

    Seventeen reported dead after boat capsizes off Iran

    Seventeen people have died after a storm capsized a passenger boat off Iran’s southern coast, the country’s official news agency is reporting.

    1137 days ago

    Barbie targeted in Iran crackdown

    Iranian police have closed down dozens of toy shops for selling Barbie dolls, in a new crackdown on signs of Western culture in Iran.

    1145 days ago

    UN nuclear team set to visit Iran

    A senior UN nuclear agency team will visit Tehran on January 28, with Iran saying it is ready to discuss allegations that it was involved in secret nuclear weapons work, diplomats said today.

    1146 days ago

    Iranian professor killed in bomb blast

    A bomb has killed a university professor in an attack coinciding with the second anniversary of a explosion that killed a senior Iranian nuclear scientist, Iran's semi-official Fars news agency said.