New driver's licence 'not fit for purpose'

Tipperary South TD Mattie McGrath has criticised the new driver's licence service, saying it is not fit for purpose.

The new National Driver Licence Service is being run by the Road Safety Authority.

It has led to complaints from drivers who say it is too complicated.

They are unhappy that a driver must go to their local NDLS centre, and in person, though they only operate during working hours and on Saturday morning - and most counties only have one centre.

The NDLS has also issued a warning recently advising that customers who have applied for a licence could be facing delays of several weeks, because of demand for the new credit-card type licences.

Mattie McGrath is also warned people that getting their own photographs taken for the licence is a waste of time.

"You're told you must have a photograph, like we always had," he said.

"So most people, and I'm talking about people who are unemployed, are on meagre pensions, they go to their chemist or wherever they go to get their passport photographs. When they arrive they are told those photographs are not adequate, they must get photographs taken in the centre.

"That's a waste of 10, 12 euro.

"And you're told then that even if everything is right, you get your process done, you're given a receipt, you're told to carry this receipt in lieu of a driving licence for five to six to eight weeks."

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