NAMA denies sensitive leaks

NAMA's chief executive has strongly denied allegations that the agency leaked sensitive information about some developers.

The two most senior men at the National Asset Management Agency claim there's a campaign to discredit it underway.

Brendan McDonagh has also utterly rejected claims that the agency deliberately undervalued some of the loans on its books.

He says the agency has never even held some of the sensitive information about developer Paddy McKillen which the developer claims were leaked.

He says NAMA is the target of a deliberate campaign by vested interests and a "small number of media outlets", but the agency won't allow itself to be smeared.

"Unfortunately in every walk of life, there are bad eggs, but thankfully, in our case, they have been few," he said.

"The culture in NAMA is that there is no tolerance for anybody not performing their role honestly and professionally.

"We will not be deflected from our important work we are doing on behalf of the Irish taxpayer."

The Chairman of NAMA, Frank Daly, said "if this is a campaign designed to undermine us, NAMA will not be intimidated, influenced, or distracted by the efforts of whoever may be behind it."

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