Govt neck-and-neck with alternative - Poll

The latest opinion poll puts the Government and the alternative coalition neck-and-neck in the race for power.

It shows a surge in support for Fine Gael - although not for Labour - and support for Fianna Fáil continuing to slip.

Just days before the Taoiseach is expected to call the general election, Enda Kenny's party is up four points since the last Red C survey.

The poll was conducted after Fianna Fáil's economic manifesto launch on Monday but before Fine Gael and Labour's on Thursday.

It shows Fianna Fáil down one to 35 points and the PDs static on three, but while Labour is stuck on 11 points, Fine Gael have jumped 4 to 27.

That leaves both coalitions even on 38 points.

Sinn Fein slip two, the other potential partners, the Greens, are up one to nine points.

That leaves the election race wide open, but the momentum seems very definitely with Fine Gael.

This leaves Bertie Ahern's party possibly facing its first election defeat since 1982.

However, not everyone has made up their minds yet - significantly, there is been a jump of five points to 20 among the "don't knows".

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