Prospects 50-50 at Uttoxeter

Uttoxeter clerk of the course Keith Ottesen believes Saturday’s meeting has a “50-50” chance of being given the go-ahead.

With Staffordshire hit by sub-zero temperatures and snow showers over the last few days, Ottesen has called a 3pm inspection on Friday to provide racegoers with an early update on the condition of the track.

Uttoxeter is frozen and unfit for racing today but conditions are expected to improve tomorrow morning, with Ottesen banking on the forecast thaw materialising sooner rather than later.

“We have called the inspection for 3pm to give everyone an update as to where we stand regarding racing on Saturday,” he said.

“It could be that we will have another look on Saturday morning, but as least we will have some idea tomorrow.

“I’d have to say we are 50-50 at the moment so we’ll just see how things progress overnight and tomorrow morning.”

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