GAA 'interim coronavirus guidance': All teammates are close contacts in case of positive test

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By Eoghan Cormican
Staff writer

If a club player displays Covid-19 symptoms in the 48 hours following a collective training session or game, that person’s team should defer all training and games activity until the player in question has been tested and a result delivered.

In a circular issued to GAA units today, Croke Park has provided “interim guidance” on dealing with positive symptomatology.

The guidance document states that if a player displays symptoms in the 48-hour period after a training session or game, all teammates and members of team management should be considered close contacts until advised otherwise by Public Health authorities.

If a club player tests positive following the display of symptoms during the 48 hours after a training session or game, the recommendation is that all further training and games activity be suspended until public health contact tracers carry out full close contact assessment and testing.

Members of the infected player’s team, including manager, coach, and selectors, must also self-isolate as per public health advice and until advised otherwise.

If a player develops positive symptomatology in the 48 hours after he/she has participated in a match, then risk assessment should be performed by Public Health to ascertain whether members of the opposing team should be considered close contacts.

Should a player who displayed symptoms in the two days after a match or training subsequently test negative, training and games can resume. 

The tested player can return to activity once symptom-free for 48 hours.