Bear Grylls smashes through window on live TV

Bear Grylls made a grand entrance on the ITV chat show 'This Morning' today by smashing through their studio’s window - as you do.

Of course he doesn't do strolling in the front door like everybody else - he's Bear Grylls.

He first jetted across London’s Thames to Southbank, then proceeded to scale the ITV studios with just a rope before crashing feet first onto the set.

It was all in aid of the survivalist promoting his new show Mission Survive, where he takes eight famous faces and reloactes them in the most hostile environment he could think of, where they test out whether they’d be most likely to live or die.

The celebs will have to abseil down ferocious waterfalls, cross rapids, and eat rats as they make their way through the jungle and hope to survive.

The one that gets voted off every few days is basically the one Bear Grylls reckons would have died.

Are we the only one that would like to see Eamonn Holmes guest star in the reality show?

We just loved his dramatic cower as Grylls flies in.

All staged of course, but in our eyes the 'action man' can do no wrong.

Watch the smash here:

Take special note at 1:48, when he just kicks over the last remaining flower vase - just because he can.

By Anna O'Donoghue

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