Things you’ll understand if you don’t actually want to go back into the office

Things You’ll Understand If You Don’t Actually Want To Go Back Into The Office Things You’ll Understand If You Don’t Actually Want To Go Back Into The Office
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Back at the beginning of lockdown, when the office workers of the world decamped en masse and set up shop on their sofas, in their bedrooms, or anywhere they could find a decent wi-fi signal, not many of us imagined we’d still be here in September.

At first, working from home had its challenges (patchy wi-fi being one of them) but we soon settled into our new routines and discovered the perks of not having to trek into the office every day.  However, now that workplaces are reopening, we may soon be forced to wave goodbye to our cosy home hubs.

Are you feeling sad that your WFH days might be numbered? Here are seven things you’ll understand if you’re not looking forward to returning to the office…

1. You’re dreading the commute

Whether by train, bus, bike or car, every commute comes with its own issues, from annoying passengers and delayed journeys to road rage – and now you’ve got the risk of catching coronavirus too.

Plus, you’ve got the extra guilt of feeling like you’re clogging up public transport when key workers are the ones who really need it.


2. You’ll have to get up earlier

More commuting equals less sleeping, and right when mornings are starting to get darker. It’s a cruel combination and you’re going to need a lot more coffee if you’re going to make it to work on time.

3. You have no idea what to wear

After months slobbing around in sweatpants and PJs, occasionally putting on a clean top for a video call, you’ve completely forgotten what office attire looks like. The thought of having to plan an outfit and put on make-up? It’s more than you can bear.

4. You’ll miss the peace and quiet


You’re hoping that the office won’t be as busy as it was pre-pandemic, because that place was noisy, what with all the chattering and the whirring of the photocopier and coffee machine. You’d better bring your headphones just in case…

5. You know you’ll be less productive

As much as you’ve missed your work pals and hated the endless zoom meetings, you haven’t missed the constant interruptions that happen at the office. ‘Can I have a quick word?’ always ends up being an in-depth discussion right when you were in the middle of something important, and you’re too polite to say no, which means your productivity suffers.

6. You don’t want to go back to packed lunches

Easy access to the kitchen is one of the best things about working from home. It means you can whip up a tasty hot lunch whenever you want, whereas nine to five-ing in the office means Tupperware-based meals, packet sandwiches or overpriced salads. Yuck.

7. It’s going to be expensive

Add up all those train tickets, morning lattes and shop-bought lunches, and you’re looking at a sizeable weekly bill compared to working at home, where you can go days without spending anything. But hey, you deserve a couple of treats as a reward for dragging yourself back to the office, don’t you?


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