Six of the most unwearable style trends on Instagram

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By Liz Connor, PA

When it comes to fashion, many of us find inspiration on Instagram. And while we usually try not to judge, we’ve recently noticed that there are a lot of influencer-fuelled trends that we just simply cannot get on board with.Whether it’s unfeasibly small, puffy or just literally a pillow, some items of clothing just don’t seem to be all that practical outside of a catwalk or a highly-staged photoshoot.Don’t believe us? Here are a handful of weird and wonderful fashion trends that we can’t ever imagine wearing to the local supermarket, let alone to the office.

1. One-leg catsuits

We have Kim and Kylie Kardashian to thank for this hair-raising trend, which is basically a regular catsuit with one leg’s worth of material mysteriously vanished away.

We can’t think of any occasion where this would be appropriate, aside from maybe if you’re heading to a Halloween party as some kind of flesh-coloured creature – but even then, we’d still recommend opting for a regular catsuit so you don’t end up with one cold leg.

2. Tiny handbags

Unless you’re the type of person who’s comfortable leaving the house with no possessions, it’s safe to assume that this annoying fashion trend isn’t for you.


Fuelled by the designer Jacquemus, whose teeny tiny handbags have been seen on everyone from Kendall Jenner to Rihanna, small handbags have been big news on the catwalk for the past few seasons and now the trend is filtering down to the masses.

As with a lot of celebrity trends, we reckon it’s only wearable if you have a long-suffering assistant who can carry the rest of your daily clobber, like your phone, keys and money. Basically, it’s not for you and me.

3. Jean boots

We’ve got nothing against knee-high boots, but the 2020 version of the trend is downright ugly. If you didn’t get the memo, it basically involves trying to style up normal boots to look as though they’re a tiny pair of jeans.

The unusual trend first cropped up on our fashion radar when J Lo wore a pair of denim boots from the Versace Resort 2019 collection made entirely from the jean material, complete with tiny pockets and a belt above each knee.


Since then, we’ve been kept awake at night wondering who thought this was a good design statement. Either way, we’re pretty sure we won’t be slipping on these bad boys to do the school run any time soon.

4. Belted pillow dresses

The pillow dress is a viral challenge that basically requires you to create a wildly impractical outfit out of your bedding. To create the look you simply grab a pillow and belt it to your front, creating the illusion of a puffy mini dress.

Heaps of high fashion influencers jumped on the bandwagon, sharing their perfectly accessorised pillows that look great on camera. Creative? Yes. Wearable outside of the bedroom? No.

5. Extreme sleeves

Ruffled, puffed and frilled, massive sleeves have been one of the biggest fashion trends of the year, and while we were initially on board with the idea, we’ve since come to the conclusion that this is not a trend for everyday life.


If your sleeves are too long, they trail in your coffee. If your sleeves are too puffy, they bunch up into big humps when you put on a coat. Call us boring, but give us a nice cap-sleeve T-shirt any day of the week.

6. Bandanas

You probably haven’t worn a bandana since that beach holiday in 2003, and if you’ve still got the photographic evidence of how terrible it looked, you will be  keen to swerve this awful summer trend come 2021.

Instagram and TikTok have been instrumental in helping this early noughties accessory make a comeback, as well as celebrities like Hailey Baldwin Bieber and Dua Lipa.

But most people struggle to pull off the most basic hat and sunglasses shapes, let alone tying a piece of fabric stylishly to their head. Only a few can carry it off – and we’re not including ourselves in that category.

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