United Left Alliance TD Joan Collins arrested at anti-water-charge protest

Dublin South Central TD Joan Collins has been arrested following a protest against water charges.

It is understood that the United Left Alliance TD is among a number of people arrested at a demonstration against water charges on Parnell Road this morning.

Her colleague, Councillor Pat Dunne, was also arrested.

Gardaí have confirmed that a number of people were arrested this morning.

Deputy Collins has since been released after questioning by officers at Sundrive Road Garda station.

Deputy Collins says she was simply standing up for her constituents.

"I was elected by the people of South-Central - they elected me on my record of defying the bin tax and the household tax and working with people in the area, and I'm doing the same thing in the water meters," she said.

"What is specific about this area is that the neighbours were out here - people who didn't want the water meters put in - and I was supporting the constituents in my community in relation to that."

All those arrested have since been released.

The Alliance has organised a protest outside Sundrive Road Garda Station at 5pm today over what it claims was Garda "brutality".

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