Trainee pilots plan Dáil picket

Trainee pilots, who were stranded in the US when their course with the Waterford-based Pilot Training College collapsed, plan to picket the Dáil this week.

The pilots and their parents are also seeking a meeting with Minister for Transport Leo Varadkar.

Around 80 students were left without flight training earlier this month due to a dispute with the Florida Institute of Technology Aviation.

They each paid fees of around €80,000 up front to the Pilot Training College and are calling on the Government to intervene.

Around two dozen parents of the pilots met in Dublin yesterday to plan a campaign to keep the issue in the spotlight until a solution is found.

They plan to picket the Dáil on Wednesday.

A spokesperson for the Department of Transport says the Minister is giving consideration to a bonding or insurance scheme which would provide financial protection for students of flight training organisations.

In the meantime they say that "the IAA is striving to ensure that the students affected will be able to avail of alternative training arrangements".

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