Taoiseach: I did not speak to Shatter about severance payment

The Taoiseach says that he did not put pressure on Alan Shatter to decline his €70,000 severance payment when the pair spoke yesterday.

He said that he did not raise the issue with the former Justice Minister because he expects him to "do the right thing".

Deputy Shatter will be making a statement at around 2.30pm later today on the lump sum.

The Government had moved to ban the payments, but the legislation was not formally in place by the time of Deputy Shatter's resignation last month.

Enda Kenny said that he spoke with Deputy Shatter yesterday, and he said this morning that he expects his former Minister to decline the severance package.

"I speak to Alan Shatter all the time," he said.

When asked when was the last time the pair spoke, he said: "Yesterday."

When asked if he put pressure on Deputy Shatter to decline the payment he said: "No, I didn't speak to him about this, because he'll do the right thing anyway, I expect."

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