Taoiseach calls on Garda Ombudsman to 'level with' Shatter on bugging

The Taoiseach has called on the Garda Ombudsman Commission to "level with" the Justice Minister over their claims their offices were bugged.

Enda Kenny has said he is concerned at the allegations and wants a report to Cabinet in the morning.

He said the equipment allegedly used was available widely on the market, though it was expensive.

The law also requires that the Justice Minister should be informed of such matters.

Enda Kenny said the fact that such information was not passed to Alan Shatter was of concern.

"It's a requirement of the law the GSOC report to the Minister for Justice … in the event that something of unusual or extraordinary importance [happens]," he said.

"This is a matter of exceptional importance, and in my view, the Minister for Justice should have been informed – and I will expect that GSOC will explain to the Minister why that did not happen."

The type of equipment used for the bugging is described as advanced, and of the kind only available to an entity such as the State itself, according to security analysts.

That has been denied by the Taoiseach, who said if you had the money, anyone could buy it on the open market.


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