Taoiseach announces more staff to clear grant application backlog

The Taoiseach Enda Kenny has said he agrees that major problems with a new system causing delays to the processing of third-level grant applications are "unacceptable".

Mr Kenny told the Dáil this afternoon that dozens of extra staff should see all successful grant applications paid by the end of next month.

Just over 3,000 applications have actually been paid, with tens of thousands more still to be processed.

The new system SUSI - or Student Universal Support Ireland - won a contract to process applications for new college entrants this year.

The Government said no student should be penalised or forced to leave college because of the delays.

Mr Kenny said: "I admit that this is a situation that is not acceptable.

"I do accept that following the presentations to the Oireachtas Committee, the connection that the minister has had with the organisation and the outsourcing organisation, that the increase of 40 staff should make a big impact on this shortly."

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