Survey finds 10% of smokers cut back on food to fund habit

One in 10 Irish smokers admit to cutting back on their food spending to fund their cravings.

New research among 1,000 Irish smokers, to mark "World No Tobacco Day", reveals the grip the habit has on people.

Up to 10% of smokers admitted to cutting back on food purchases to spend money on cigarettes.

The survey, commissioned by Pfizer to support World No Tobacco Day today, shows 24% of smokers pulled out of social engagements to save money that they then spend on cigarettes.

In all, more than half of the smokers interviewed admitted to spending between €50 and €100 per week on cigarettes.

There are repeated cycles of wanting to give up and failing, with almost one in five trying to quit at any one time.

Website offers tailored guidance and interactive support for those who want to kick the habit.

It is estimated that smoking-related illnesses costs the Irish taxpayer anything from €1bn to €2bn per year.

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