Spanish police arrest Irish teenager in connection with attempted murder

Pic: Wikimedia Commons

A 17-year-old Irish man is being held in custody on suspicion of attempted murder in Spain.

The teenager was one of four Irish holidaymakers who got into an altercation in the early hours of Thursday, August 14, in the resort of Puerto Banus near Marbella.

It is believed a row broke out amongst the men over a girl, and the victim was knocked to the ground sustaining life-threatening head injuries.

He was taken to a hospital in the Costa del Sol before being transferred to a specialist centre in Malaga, where he spent a number of days in intensive care before his condition stabilised.

Local police witnessed the assault from a distance and contacted the national police force, who then arrested a 17-year-old Irish man and his older brother at the scene.

Both men were questioned and the older brother was later released on bail.

Reporter Gerard Couzens, who is based in Marbella, said: "He is being held inside a young offenders' institution and his defence lawyer will make an application for him to be released on bail.

"The problem in Spain is that the justice system does work very slowly, people can be held in custody, amazingly, for four years - they can be held for two years and then on application for another two years without trial."

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