Rural TDs propose ‘work from home’ grant similar to bike-to-work

A group of rural TDs are proposing that a grant be introduced in next month's budget for working from home, similarly to the bike-to-work scheme.

The grant would “support people in purchasing IT equipment or a laptop so that they can work remotely or access education.”

The Regional Group said the fund could also be used to pay for works on the National Broadband Plan, such as cutting down trees and laying cables.

Leader of the group, Independent Roscommon-Galway TD Denis Naughten, said he disagrees that people would abuse the system.

“There’s many, many homes across the country that have a bike under the bike-to-work scheme at this stage.

“Remember that we’re spending, we’re borrowing, I think the estimate is about €19 billion next year.

“What we’re talking about doing is putting a very, very small percentage of that into trying to change our economy, not just for tomorrow to deal with Covid-19 but right into the future.”