Motorist arrested for driving at 141km in 60km zone on M7

Major roadworks have commenced on the M7 Motorway and will last until 2020.

Gardaí are appealing to all motorists to be vigilant and obey temporary speed limits in place.

Currently, there is a 60km per hour speed limit in place between Junction 9 and Junction 10 but as work progresses the road layout and the speed limit will change.

As the roadworks will be carried out all day the speed limit will apply 24/7.

Gardaí say their primary focus is on the preservation of life, reducing the obvious danger to workers on site and to all road users.

One motorist has already been arrested for driving at 141Kph in the new 60Kph zone.

As a result of the road works there will be no hard shoulder in place on parts of the M7 motorway.

This will make it difficult for emergency services to attend any incidents that may occur.

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