Met Éireann and Coast Guard issue weather warnings

The public have been warned of very windy or stormy conditions for later this evening.

A weather and gale warning has been issued by Met Éireann with winds gusting to strong Gale Force 9 at times on the East coast and on the Irish sea.

The Coast Guard strongly advised the public not to go out on exposed coasts, cliffs, piers, harbour walls, beaches, promenades or any other coastal areas during the inclement weather.

Manager of the Irish Coast Guard, Declan Geoghegan said: "Do not attempt to cross at fast running river or flood water fords as they may be stronger and deeper than you think.

"Flooded urban areas may contain many hazards, not least of which include submerged open manholes and downed power lines.

"The combination of tides, forecasted gale warnings for the next day or so, high sea conditions and swollen rivers may result in very dangerous conditions."

Northeast winds will increase strong gale force 9 tonight on coasts from Slyne Head to Rossan Point to Malin head.

Weather this evening is forecast to be cold, blustery and wet and overnight, with some heavy and possibly thundery rain over parts of Leinster, with some local flooding.

Lowest temperatures will range from 3C to 6C, in strong and gusty northeast winds, which will gust 70 to 90 km/h in exposed hilly and coastal areas.

Tomorrow is forecast to be cool with spells of rain, heavy at times in eastern coastal counties, but brighter elsewhere with occasional showers are forecast.

Top temperatures will be from 8C to 11 C, in fresh to strong and gusty northeast to northerly winds.

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