Man arrested after gardaí find pint beside driver's seat

A Meath Garda Sergeant has labelled a suspected drink driving incident as 'the most bizarre yet' in taking the term drink driving to another level.

Gardaí arrested and charged a man for the offence on Wednesday night after he was stopped at a checkpoint on the R132 at Gormanstown

When stopped, gardaí found a pint glass filled with Guinness placed neatly in the car's drink console beside the driver's seat.

An opened eight pack of the popular drink was observed by Gardaí on the back seat.

The man was arrested and charged and is due to appear before Drogheda District Court in March.

A post on the Meath Crime Prevention Facebook states: 'Man arrested at a Meath Roads Policing checkpoint last night took drink driving to another level.

"Pint glass found beside drivers seat. He was arrested and later charged and will appear at Drogheda District Court. The Checkpoint was on the R132 at Gormanstown"

Sgt Ronan Farrelly said: "Meath Roads Policing have been very active all over the county recently and have arrested a number of drunk drivers

"There will be no let up in the level of enforcement and plans are in place to expand the unit significantly.

"Whilst Roads policing members have encountered plenty of unusual incidents this one certainly ranks as one of the most bizarre"

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