Maíria Cahill to meet North's First Minister

Maíria Cahill is to meet with Northern Ireland's First Minister, Peter Robinson, today.

Mr Robinson will sit down with her at Stormont to discuss how the IRA dealt with her claims that she was raped by a leading Republican.

Her case has been the subject of intense media scruitiny amid allegations of a Sinn Féin cover-up.

Ms Cahill claims she was raped by a leading Republican in 1997, at the age of just 16.

She says Sinn Féin's Gerry Adams knew about her situation, but failed to report the matter to authorities.

She also claims members of the IRA held their own version of an investigation into the alleged assault - in the process bringing her face to face with her reported assailant.

Last night Gerry Adams once more refuted Maíria’s allegations, but did concede the IRA had "made mistakes" in its efforts to fill what he called a policing "vacuum" in the North.

Mr Adams admitted IRA personnel were "singularly ill-equipped" to deal with matters including child abuse and rape, and said "victims were left without support and abusers without supervision".

However, he flatly denied there was any cover up and says he told Maria's family to advise her to go to the RUC.

Gerry Adams ended his statement by saying anyone who has any information about child abuse should come forward to the authorities North or South.

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