Magdalene survivors say Kenny's failure to apologise formally is 'shameful'

Groups representing survivors of the Magdalene laundries have described Enda Kenny's failure to provide them with a formal apology as "shameful".

A government commissioned report found clear evidence of state involvement in the running of the Magdalene laundries.

But it said physical and sexual abuse and torture were not a feature of the laundries.

Mari Steed from the Justice for Magdalene's group said the failure of the Taoiseach to apologise to the women involved is a disgrace.

Meanwhile, survivors of the laundries are disputing parts of toda'ys report which claim that phyiscal abuse was not a feature of the work houses.

Maureen Sullivan says she was phyiscal abused and beaten during her time at the laundry.

"They boxed you into the head," she said, "especially when I went there first. When my mother came to visit me and I told them I would tell her I'm not going to school, they gave me an awful beating."

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