Lily Mae supporters fear HMV won't pay 'Tiny Dancer' invoice

It has emerged that part of the funds raised for a seriously ill child in Galway have been caught up in the problems facing HMV.

More than 300 musicians got behind a recording of Elton John's 'Tiny Dancer ' before Christmas, to help Lily Mae Morrison in her fight against neuroblastoma.

Her supporters say they have invoiced HMV for around €27,000 that was to have been divided between Lily-Mae and the Neuroblastoma Society.

Steve Macken, who produced the single, explained how the problem arose.

"Obviously until we got the final sales figure post-Christmas, we couldn't send in any invoices," he said.

"So the invoices went in last week, and now HMV are in administration, that's HMV UK, but the chances of us being paid right now are pretty close to nil, because we are an unsecured local supplier."

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