Kenny: I was approached about Euro job

Jean-Claude Juncker and Enda Kenny

Enda Kenny has admitted for the first time that other EU leaders approached him about running for the presidency of the European Commission.

The Taoiseach says he was approached before a major congress in Dublin earlier this year by others asking if he wanted to run for a job.

There is renewed speculation about the position this week, with some leaders refusing to support the frontrunner Jean-Claude Juncker.

Deputy Kenny says he was asked about running for the job - but that he is happy for Mr Juncker to get it.

"In respect of the presidency of the Commission from the EPP [European People's Party] point of view, we've had a congress, a contest, a vote and a candidate, that's the official position," he said.

"We support Jean-Claude Juncker in that regard.

"There were comments made to me prior to the congress here in Dublin, that matter is now irrelevant."

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