Kenny: CEOs of semi-State bodies must reconsider bonuses

The Taoiseach Enda Kenny has said said it is "high time" for anyone who is well paid in the semi-

State sector to give up their bonus.

Mr Kenny's comments come in the wake of the controversy over a €106,000 payment approved by the Board of the Dublin Airport Authority to its Chief Executive Declan Collier.

But after mounting pressure at the weekend, Mr Collier agreed to forego the payment.

The Taoiseach said if anyone else in the semi-State sector is thinking of taking a bonus, they should "think again".

Mr Kenny said: "I would like to see the Chief Executives of semi-State bodies understand this message clearly. 'Our people are in a challenging position.'

"Everybody, from the highest paid, needs to make a contribution and play their part. We have a job to do to get our country back to a position where we are in charge of our own economic destiny again."

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