Irish Water continues appeal for water conservation despite recent rainfall

Irish Water's appeal to conserve water remains in place despite wet conditions in many parts of the country yesterday.

The company says the supply of water will still be of concern until there is significant rainfall.

600,000 people are currently affected by restrictions in the Greater Dublin Area, while a further 24,000 have reduced supplies elsewhere.

Kate Gannon from Irish Water says they will review a week's worth of data before making any decisions regarding restrictions in the Greater Dublin Area, while they are also supporting water supplies nationwide.

"Our crisis management team meets daily and we look at the national picture as well as the picture in the Greater Dublin Area," she said.

"We have significant works ongoing to support the supply of water across the country and the example is Athlone where restrictions were in place every night and they've now gone back to once a week reflecting the operational work that has been done on the ground and also the conservation efforts of homes and businesses."

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