Investigation begins after injured buzzard found

An investigation is underway after a young buzzard was shot in Co Meath.

The bird of prey was found alive in the Rossnaree area, but was unable to fly having been hit by a number of shot pellets.

The bird had to be put down.

"Buzzards are protected birds of prey. The National Parks and Wildlife service is asking anyone with detail about the shooting to contact the conservation ranger in Navan, Co Meath or Gardaí.

Annette Lynch, conservation manager with the NPWS, said that it is an offence to to shoot these birds.

"When the wildlife act was introduced in 1976 it made it an offence to shoot or poison any of these birds of prey," she said.

"It made a good comeback, and they are actually going further and further south.

"When I started in the job in 1999, I'd pull over when I see a buzzard, whereas I suppose I do see them more regularly now, which is great, but that's because they've been protected."

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