Guerin report calls for Commission of Investigation into remaining Garda issues

Alan Shatter

The 336-page report that led to the resignation of Alan Shatter as Justice Minister has been published, and calls as expected for the establishment of a Commission of Investigation.

The Commission would investigate the issues that "remain unresolved" arising from complaints made by whistleblower Sergeant Maurice McCabe.

The report says the Minister did not heed complaints from a member of the force.

The document praises the Garda whistleblower Sergeant Maurice McCabe, who brought his concerns about the adequacy of investigations in the Bailieboro district.

Senior Counsel Seán Guerin sais the way Segreant McCabe has been treated since making his complaints needs to be examined.

The Guerin report also says:

- Changes in Garda practices are required in the taking of statements when complaints are withdrawn;

- That the force needs to review if the PULSE system is effective in dealing with compliance with bail;

- That the operation of the station bail system needs review.

Read the Guerin Report in full here.

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