Gerry Adams not ready to join list of retirees: ‘My day will come, but not today’

By Fiachra Ó Cionnaith Political Correspondent

His lá will eventually tiocfaidh, but not just yet.

While all Dáil talk is about Enda Kenny and Michael Noonan's official departures today, they are not the only long-standing Irish political figures whose time seems set to come to an end.

After 34 years as the leader of Sinn Féin, rumours are continuing to grow that controversial TD Gerry Adams may soon be announcing his own retirement.

During a recent Dáil leaders' questions debate, Mr Kenny responded to Mr Adams' jibes about what he was leaving behind him by joking "will you come with me" - a clear reference to Mr Adams' hinted at departure in the near future.

However, speaking to reporters at Leinster House today, the Sinn Féin leader said his time is not over, just yet.

Asked if after 34 years in charge of the party he should follow in Mr Kenny's footsteps and retire, Mr Adams responded by echoing the divisive provisional IRA Troubles slogan "tiocfaidh ar lá".

"Well, my day will come, but not today," he said.

The view will no doubt be looked at with some scepticism by party colleagues who have in recent months privately said they believe Mr Adams will leave before the end of the year, marking the likely next political power games drama in the halls of Leinster House.

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