Garda targets will not be met this year says Policing Authority

The report highlighted areas of concern but also commended the swift response of the force to Covid-19.

A quarter of targets set for the gardaí are at risk of not being met this year.

The Policing Authority published the findings in a half-yearly report today, noting An Garda Síochána's quick response to emergency health regulations due to Covid-19.

The report outlines successes and potential issues related to the performance of the gardaí in the first six months of 2020, raising concerns about the suspension of training in a number of projects.

The roll out of a domestic abuse risk-assessment tool, which has been impacted by the pandemic and the absence of a strategic document to outline staffing requirements are two area of particular concern to the authority.

However, the authority has noted the successful roll out of public health related systems such as Operation Fanacht which was launched to ensure public compliance with the 2k and 5k travel limits during lockdown.

Operation Faoiseamh was also credited with drawing attention to victims of domestic abuse and coercive control, who were identified as at risk during the lockdown period.

The authority has noted that some targets won't be met, such as the number of recruits which is down by over 400 this year.

Commissioner Drew Harris will meet with members of the Policing Authority again in late September.