Flag protest postponed, gardaí and organisers agree

After conflicting reports earlier this evening, it has been confirmed that a loyalist protest march planned for this weekend in Dublin has been postponed.

In a statement published this evening, organisers have said the march will go ahead in the near future, following consultation with gardaí.

The Union Flag is flying over Belfast City Hall today following weeks of disorder in Northern Ireland, marking the Duchess of Cambridge's 31st birthday. This is one of 18 designated days when the flag will be raised after a vote by the city council.

One of the Dublin march organisers, loyalist Willie Frazer said the march had not been "called off". He said it would be happening "in the near future" instead of this weekend.

Willie Frazer statement, from his website:

"I am pleased to inform you all that we are now arranging a full meeting with the Garda Siochana in Dublin for the near future. After very constructive communication's with the Garda Siochana I can confirm that we will now be traveling down on a date in the near future to discuss our many concerns around IRA collusion and many other issue's. I will keep you all informed as to when this meeting will now take place.

"This will be a very welcome day when we as concerned Ulster citizens and victims of the IRA will be given the opportunity to have our concerns addressed in the atmosphere of a formal meeting. I also wish to go on record as welcoming the recognition of the Garda Siochana as to our right to peaceful protest in Dublin and the accommodating measures they were putting in place for us the protesters and concerned citizens of Ulster. We look forward to traveling down in the near future."

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