EU leaders at impasse over €1.8 trillion fund, as summit resumes today

A summit of EU leaders is running into its fourth day in Brussels, with slow progress in talks over a budget and pandemic rescue package.

The fund is worth a combined €1.8 trillion. EU leaders have been in negotiations since Friday to decide on the bloc's budget for the next seven years and what form a €750 billion pandemic recovery fund will take.

There is division over whether it should be made up of grants or loans and what conditions are attached.

A new revised plan has replaced €50 billion in grant aid with loans, with the headline figure of 750 billion unchanged.

The ongoing talks in Brussels mean a meeting of Cabinet here today will now be delayed.

It was expected that ministers would sign off on a "greenlist" of countries it's safe to travel to at the meeting.

However, that's now set to take place later this week.