Demonstration for jailed peace activist

Pic: Eamon Ward

A demonstration in solidarity with 79-year-old jailed peace activist Margaretta D'Arcy will take place in Shannon today.

Miss D’Arcy has been in the Limerick Prison for the past ten days for trespassing on the runway of Shannon Airport in opposition to US Military movement through Shannon.

Margaretta refused to sign a bond to uphold the law for two years and stay out of unauthorised zones at Shannon Airport, as a result, her sentence was not suspended.

Shannonwatch representative John Lannon said Ireland is a neutral country and is urging people to show their support at 2pm:

"Margaretta is quite adamant that the issue is not her, the issue is Shannon Airport, and the Government need to take responsibility for the fact that they have stated … that Irish airspace and airports are not in contravention of international law."

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