Court of Appeal to get six new judges to cut delays

The Court of Appeal is set to get six new judges to cut delays of up to six months in criminal cases.

The move comes after a new Bill was introduced by Justice Minister, Charlie Flanagan.

The Minister wants to speed up access to the Court of Appeal and cut costs caused by delays.

Mr Flanagan says the new judges will also stop the court backlog spiralling towards delays of up to 4 years previously experienced by the Supreme Court.

"It is important that our courts act in the interest of society and our people," Minister Flanagan said.

"On the criminal side currently in the Court of Appeal, we have a lapse of time of about six months. On the civil side, there is a backlog, a significant volume of work in excess of 20 months.

"I want to cut that delay because I don't believe a delay is in anybody's interest," he added.

This will increase the number of judges in the Court of Appeal from nine to 15.

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