Clare Daly angrily denounces EU over sanctions on Russia and calls it a 'tool' of Nato

Clare Daly Angrily Denounces Eu Over Sanctions On Russia And Calls It A 'Tool' Of Nato Clare Daly Angrily Denounces Eu Over Sanctions On Russia And Calls It A 'Tool' Of Nato
Irish MEP Clare Daly blasted the European Union this morning for being what she called a “tool” of Nato and the “military industrial complex”.
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James Cox

Irish MEP Clare Daly has attacked the European Union for being what she called a “tool” of Nato and the “military industrial complex”.

The Independents 4 Change MEP also accused the EU of engaging in “more war” to stop the war in Ukraine.

The Dublin MEP made the comments in the European Parliament where MEPs where discussing the war on Ukraine.

Ms Daly said: "How is not selling Kerry Gold butter to Russia going to save any Ukrainian lives? How is buying filthy fracked US gas going to stop the war? It won't of course because nowhere have sanctions ever succeeded in ending a military assault or achieving regime change.

"The EU, instead of promoting peace and acting in the interests of the people of Europe, Ukrainians, the EU citizens and yes, the Russian citizens too, has become a tool of Nato and the military industrial complex. What is needed is an end to the conflict, an end to militarism, a ceasefire and a negotiated settlement.



"History has taught us that sanctions do not end military conflict, they do not bring peace. They make the people suffer, not the oligarchs, the people. The people of Russia, the people of Europe, and they're not going to help save lives."

She added: "The more arms you pump into Ukraine, the more the war will be prolonged, the more Ukrainians will die. It might sound radical colleagues, but the answer to war is not more war, it's peace, and peace isn't delivered by the barrel of a gun, it's delivered by diplomacy, by dialogue.

"You can wish away your continent's history, but we share a continent with Russia, we will sit down with Russia, there will be a negotiated peace and this organisation should be promoting it earlier rather than delaying it and making sure more Ukrainians die. Your feigning of sympathy rings hollow, it makes me sick to be honest with you."

Ms Daly and her Independents 4 Change colleague Mick Wallace have been criticised for their stance on Russia in the past.

Last month, they voted against an overall European Parliament resolution condemning Russian aggression against Ukraine and demanding Vladimir Putin immediately pull his troops out.

Ms Daly and Mr Wallace were among just 13 MEPs to vote against the resolution which also argued in favour of a speeding-up of Ukraine's candidacy for EU membership.

In a statement, they said: "So while forthrightly condemning the Russian illegal invasion of Ukraine — and the voting record shows that we voted for those parts of the resolution — what we opposed was the increasing of arms into Ukraine, the acceleration of Nato involvement, and the acceleration of militarism and military expenditure inside the EU.

"The point that we're making is that this narrative that somehow the war is happening because we're dealing with some crazed maniac in the form of Putin is a distortion of the reality that one of the contributing factors to this situation has been the constant destabilization of that region by Nato."

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