Maguire shines in ‘Happy Ever Afters’

Director: Stephen Burke

Cast: Sally Hawkins, Tom Riley, Jade Yourell, Sinead Maguire

Cert: 12

Wedding chaos – over a double-booking at the same venue – lies at the heart of this home-grown comedy.

Hawkins plays the bride from one mixed-up marriage – she’s in it just for the money – and Riley the groom from the other one – he’s nervous – come to the obvious conclusion that they quite fancy one another.

There is much chaos in this enjoyable, if paper thin, gigglefest, with much emphasis placed on the fact that, hey, this is an Irish comedy.

The storyline has been done before but it’s somewhat saved here by the great playing of the two stars, and by a terrific contribution from young Maguire.

Really, there’s not much to the film: some laughs, nice people to look at … that’s about it.

Star Rating: 3/5

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