Actress Wood 'violated' and 'invaded' after ultrasound pictures published online

Actress Evan Rachel Wood has said a powerful "mama bear instinct" propelled her to post enraged tweets when paparazzi pictures of her holding an ultrasound picture of her unborn baby were sold to a number of news outlets.

The actress was furious at what she said was a "violation" and an "invasion".

Her comments appear to have had the desired effect too - outlets which had posted the pictures online (including the Daily Mail in the UK) removed the pictures and the photograhic agency that had sold them removed them from their website.

Having tweeted that she had "never been more violated by a photographer", Wood subsequently added that "when that mama bear instinct kicks in, she KICKS in."

Wood announced in early January that she and husband Jamie Bell were expecting their first child together.

Her enraged tweets:

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